Why Totally Jessifiable, what does that mean?

Well let’s get the most obvious part out of the way first, my name is Jessica, my friends call me Jess. For a long period I felt as though my actions while justified (being of good or legitimate reason) were not always understood by others. Over time, I realized I could care less what they thought, because I knew I was always coming from a good place. Add in play of words (because cheesy is in my core being) justify + Jess and you get Jessifiable. The ‘totally’ comes from being complete. So there you have it, Totally Jessifiable. Completely Jess for a good and legitimate reason.

Raised in the South, St. Mary’s, GA – Go Dawgs!

Living in the Northwest raising three, never boring teenagers, and embarrassing them as often as possible while finally loving the right man, for the right reasons, my favorite man in the world.

My writing will take you to the trenches, to where foundation has crumbled beneath my feet and I’m too weak to stand, yet strong enough to kneel. It will make you feel as though you are sitting beside me in moments of redemption with Jesus too. My life is not a fairy-tale, but I still believe in them and there are moments when love can shatter any heart of stone. It’s my choice to share my stories, but its Gods purpose to have me share it. It needs to be known that you can struggle, battle, fail and go through hell, yet come up and out of those trenches as a warrior with a beautiful redemption story.  I do my best to write with poise and gut-busting grace so it’s an adventure along the way. Being blunt as all get out, saying it exactly how it is, saves everyone time and energy. You’ll learn to love and appreciate me, and if not – that’s cool too. I’m a “go big or go home” kind of gal and nothing I do is ever half-hearted or lacking in thought because I over think everything!

My Family –

Left to Right as pictured:

Son: Coleton aka Coley, Colty or Coleybloholey when he toots (he does it all.the.time!)

Son: Gage aka Gagey, Gagey Wagey (puddin’ pie kissed the girls and made them cry) or Gage Riley when he is in trouble – which usually involves his little temper.

** Fun Fact – Cole and Gage are one month and one day apart (and about a foot and 40 lbs!! **

Myself – such a cute dress by the way! Runway score!

Husband:  Pet Names: Favorite, My Love, Husband or sometimes jerk face (just kidding, kind of)

Daughter: Gracie aka Gracie Girl, Baby Girl, Gracie Lou or “dear lord Jesus does she ever stop talking?!” she answers to that too 😉

4 thoughts on “Why Totally Jessifiable, what does that mean?

Add yours

    1. Thank you I’m pretty blessed with them and I think I’ll keep em’ 😉. And, you are very welcome, we need to help eachother and the only way we can do that is if we stop hiding all the stuff we are afraid to share. ❤️


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