I never…words from a bio/step mom that hit home.

This morning I received a letter from a fan of my Facebook page named Bobbie Ann Phillips and as I read it I knew instantly this needed to be read by all of you. This is her story and its an honest account of how it feels, of what we don't expect, our fears and [...]

Packing my bags when I need to stay…

"I'd be packing my bags when I need to stay, I'd be chasing every breeze that blows my way" Toby Mac For years, I was a strong believer in "If you aren't happy get out" - so much so in fact that I did just that. If things weren't the way I had expected, or [...]

Blended Families are BLENDED with Discipline, Parenting, Finding your place & your voice.

"Lately, I have been struggling with others views about my life - marriage - family etc. How far do we let peoples opinions, advice, etc in to our homes and how do we do that, and still find a place within our little family and our spouses families at the same time. Below you will [...]

Read incredible short stories, review them and win an iPAD.

http://www.ebookmall.com/author/thatsmrsstepmomtoyou Many know I am in America's Next Author. In order to be considered for a wildcard spot - I need 50 (fifty) Quick Votes, just click and vote - and 10 (ten) Reviews in addition to what I have already! Either option takes 5 minutes or less. Reviews don't have to be GOOD either, [...]

Maybe that is why…

Driving the other day I realized something that was almost hard to swallow. The only long term commitment I have stayed true to, is my children. The people who I could not live without, who I need by my side, to see, touch, everyday is my children. Other than them, my life has been filled [...]