For as long as I could remember I’ve heard ” Jess, you should write a book about that” or “your life could be a movie”. As exciting as it is to hear someone find worth in your writing, it is scary as hell to to put it out for the judgment of the world. Yet, I still find it somewhat therapeutic to get it out there – to try and make a difference, and withstand whatever may come my way for my choices.

Today, I was featured as a guest post on Dina’s Blog A Plucky Procrastinator, for her Mental Health Monday…if your thinking the same thing my husband is… its a great place to be…haha.  However, this post is for more a serious nature – it covers mental child abuse, abortion and suicide. A very grateful and heartfelt thank you goes to Dina for her support both in myself and this post. 

In my story Dying to Wake I share a very personal part of my life, in a home where manipulation, embarrassment and mental instability ruled. Being only 16, I did what I thought was necessary and have learned lessons from all choices. While Abortion is a heavy subject (and not something I condone or believe in) and not one that I have shared with many people, I felt inclined to join Dina on her very personal endeavor to shine a light on suicide, both the survivors of loved ones lost, and those contemplating that can still be saved. So, with one word in print after the other – I wrote and I am prepared to share.

Take a minute, read it – and see if you take anything away from it to apply to your life. Especially as a parent – how not to treat your children – how not to parent – how not to be as a person in general. OR, maybe life is especially hard for you now and during the holidays – maybe this will help you to see that giving up – isn’t giving anything.

As painful as it is to share, if it makes one person re-think their life, one person re-think how they treat their child – its worth it.

See you next blog~ Jess<3


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