Totally {Jess}ifiable

Well, let’s get the most obvious part out of the way first, my name is Jessica, my friends call me Jess. For a long period, I felt as though my actions while justified (being of good or legitimate reason) was misunderstood by others. Over time, I realized I couldn’t care less about what they thought because I knew I was always coming from a good place. Add in a play of words (because cheesy is in my core being) justify + Jess and you get Jessifiable. The ‘totally’ comes from being complete. So there you have it, Totally Jessifiable. Completely Jess for a good and legitimate reason.

In 2012, I became a stepmom and realized quickly the stigma that followed and the unfair rap stepparents face. I created the blog Totally Jessifiable – justifying love regardless of biology. This faith-based blog has since transformed into a blog for the everyday woman who is tired of trying to be an insider when she has the heart of an outsider. It boasts unapologetic confidence focusing on ditching the shame of your past, taking back ownership of your life and realizing that what God restores, no man can destroy. While sharing my own personal failures and hardships I hope that offering support, motivation, and love along the way – will make you see you’re not all that bad after all. The truth only hurts if it remains hidden, and God can’t heal what we won’t reveal.

My world from left to right as pictured: COLE aka Coley, Colty (Coleyblowholey when he toots ) GRACIE aka Gracie Girl, Baby Girl, Gracie Lou or “dear lord Jesus does she ever stop talking?!” she answers to that too 😉 GAGE aka Gagey, Gagey Wagey (puddin’ pie kissed the girls and made them cry) or Gage Riley when he is in trouble – which usually involves his little temper.** Fun Fact – Cole and Gage are one month and one day apart (and about a foot and 40 lbs!! ** And, then my blessing of a husband, MATT. aka Favorite, My Love, Husband or sometimes jerk face. (just kidding, kind of)

4 thoughts on “Totally {Jess}ifiable

    1. Thank you I’m pretty blessed with them and I think I’ll keep em’ 😉. And, you are very welcome, we need to help eachother and the only way we can do that is if we stop hiding all the stuff we are afraid to share. ❤️


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